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  Power Management


Empire Computing & Consulting, Inc. provides a complete range of power management solutions for all your network and computing needs.


Emerson Network Power

Emerson power distribution technologies are available in a range of sizes and configurations to support efficient and flexible power distribution from the UPS to critical equipment, including room, row and in-rack power distribution. Room- and row-level distribution systems are available in a standard rack form factor to facilitate placement of power distribution units anywhere in the facility.

These units can compartmentalize distribution between the UPS and servers to greatly increase the number of devices supported and more easily support different power requirements across a facility. These systems are supported by a family of intelligent power strips that reduce in-rack cabling and support remote monitoring.



Eaton PowerChain® Solutions - Powering Business Worldwide

Power runs your business. Power keeps commerce moving, fuels innovation...and keeps the lights on. Eaton's comprehensive portfolio of PowerChain Management solutions helps enterprises meet those challenges. These solutions, including distribution, control and power quality equipment; full-scale engineering services; and information management systems, are designed and manufactured to work together to produce powerful benefits.

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